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Ambe Trading "We believe opportunities multiply as they are seized".

Ambe Trading is a wealth management company catering to the needs of Non - Residents Indians (NRI) in servicing their investment strategies and requirements in India. In 1997 Ambe trading stepped into the Stock markets with a vision to prosper and gain from the fast growing Indian economy and over the years we have not only built a balanced and prosperous portfolio in the market but have branched into providing stock trading services to our esteemed clients.

Ambe Trading today is an established financial services company with a vision to offer various financial services and products in such a way that it leads to optimum gains for the entities involved in these transactions. The company enjoys the honor of serving a large number of valued customers to their satisfaction. Everything we do is backed by rigorous research into fundamentals so as to put our client's needs first. Ambe is committed to provide a wide range of resources and expert, objective guidance that's not always driven by commission or clouded by conflicts of interest.

Real Estate Advisory:
Real Estate has emerged as an important asset class in recent years in India. Real Estate offers valuable diversification to an investment portfolio. In most cases it is a dividend paying asset with good appreciation potential. Hence if offers income as well as growth as an asset. We analyze your need, ability and appetite for making a real estate investment. After gaining a detailed knowledge of your investment horizon, financing options, appropriate size of investment and risk taking ability we structure various investment models based upon your needs, investment quantum, financial context and preference of location if any.

The recommended commercial/residential properties are drawn from our ongoing research on what are the best real estate investment options suitable for investors. We have some of the renowned real estate experts and professional from the leading construction companies on board to help you invest your funds in the growing markets in India.
  Portfolio & Objectives
  • Providing efficient Stock Broking services
  • Providing timely stock market related advice and guidance to its clients
  • Fund Management
  • Asset Allocation advisory and Portfolio management
  • Insurance
  • Advice around Investment Strategies targeted at Non - Resident (NRI)
  • Real Estate Advisory