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Manufacturing The manufacturing section under Sambe Groups endorses 5 companies that deal with the different arenas. Amassing Legrand India Products that indulges in the manufacture and assembly of dyes, jigs, fixtures, sheet metal components and press parts. The enhancement and dissemination of knowledge, and the efficiency of industrial practice, related to the operations function in manufacturing and service enterprises all are handled at the Electronics manufacturing service center at Sambe.

Wealth Management for Overseas Indian is handled under Amber Trading. Our advisors in India, supported by inputs from a focused research team, offer professional advice, across a wide range of financial instruments in line with your asset allocation across Real Estate. In addition to this Sambe owns new innovative Out-Of-Home (OOH) assets. These assets include various media available on the bus transport network in Chennai.

The Export division supply goods across various industry segments including Engineering Equipments, Machineries, Textiles, Leather, Minerals and Mining, Excavation, Construction, Power generation, Oil Drilling, Marine engines, Heavy commercials transportation - Equipments and Spare Parts. Members at Sambe help in the operations function that adds value to products and services which are derived from a wide range of scientific fields, including operations research, information systems and management science.
Group Companies Sambe Engineers
Press workshop and fabrication works
Sambe Electronics
Manufacturing of regulators and switchgear for Legrand
Ambe Trading
Ambe Trading is a wealth management company catering to the needs of Non-Residents Indians (NRI) in servicing their investment strategies and requirements in India.
Ambe Exports
Ambe exports is an export division of Ambe International supplying goods across various industry.